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Why business card design is important?

Why business card design is important?

Why business card design is important?

The importance of business card design

Imagine you walk in to a shop and the shopkeeper is wearing joggers and a hoody, you’ll instantly judge their company and presume it provides an unprofessional service. The way you present yourself defines first impressions from customers and onlookers. This is also the same with business cards, if you hand over a pre- made card that a thousand other people are using; you are not going to stand out.

Your business card should stand out, feel good and be something that people will remember; after all it is your whole company image and your chance to make a first lasting impression. Hand over a scrappy, poor designed card and people will think you offer a poor service.

Below is an example of a well-designed business card and a pre made one using a template, both advertise the same company.

Business card design


Notice how the pre made template (left) is frankly boring and simply lists the companies’ details, but it has no flair and no company image. On the other hand the bespoke designed card (right) has flair it has aspects of the companies image its more personal to the company. Your company image is something that people will remember and will instantly recognise you for, so it makes sense to keep this company image flowing throughout all of your branding from small things like business cards all the way through to your letterheads and website.

The feel of a business card

The feel of the paper your card is printed on also plays a role. If your card feels cheap and poorly made, it reflects on your company’s image. We recommend using card that feels smooth to touch with a nice paper weight.

How can we help you?

We can help bring your company image up to date and design a fully bespoke business card that no one else has, insuring you stand out from the rest of the boring corporate cards that are widely available. So stop using templates and have something that really reflects your company’s image. A unique design is key to making you stand out from the rest.

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